A Bangkok breakfast and a neighborhood weekend market

During weekend mornings, many folks in Metro Manila (at least those who wake up before lunch time) like to troop to the weekend markets around the city. The more popular are Salcedo and Legaspi markets in the CBD of Makati, Mercato Centrale in Bonifacio Global City, and Sidcor Market in Centris along EDSA corner Quezon Ave. in Quezon City (which is where I usually go to after early morning runs, since it’s a few minutes away from the house).

The one Saturday morning we spent in Bangkok, my cousin took me and my sister to the weekend market of her neighborhood to buy our breakfast. Bangkok is certainly well-versed when it comes to shopping and weekend markets. You only have to find yourself in the middle of the sprawling Chatuchak Market, three hours into your shopping and having covered only a row or two of shops to know that Bangkok is serious about shopping. And attracting shoppers. Suan Luang weekend market though, located in a quiet residential area, is not massive nor touristy (shoppers are mostly residents), but the finds are fantastic for anyone in the mood for local Thai food.

slouching somewhere

A part of the Suan Luang market

When we got there, apparently the area near the Suan Luang park, where the weekend market usually sets up, was undergoing some sort of construction or renovation, so the stalls were spread out on the sidewalks and the parking spaces. Good thing my cousin still found her favorite stalls: the one that sells grilled bananas (love this!), another that sells satay or grilled chicken, one that sells steamed brown and white sticky rice (which had quite a queue), and the milk tea stall of a husband and wife who spent the rest of the week working in a law firm.

My favorite Thai food discovery in the market: grilled bananas

Satay or grilled chicken

Steamed sticky rice: choose white or brown (or is it red?)

Really, really good (and not too sweet) milk tea

Aside from ready-to-eat food, there are many stalls that sell fruits. The biggest atis (sugar apple), the sweetest-tasting mangosteen and lanzones,  lychees, and other familiar Asian fruits.

My atis is bigger than your atis

So much santol and mangosteen!

Lychees, not as sweet as the Philippine variety, but…

…find the sweetest lanzones in Thailand

When we got home, we realized we bought more than we could eat: two different grilled chicken dishes, a vegetable dumpling, sticky rice, fish curry, grilled bananas, and for dessert, a feast of lanzones, mangosteen, lychees, and more sticky rice but with mangoes and coconut milk. It was all good–all those fresh fruits and the filling taste of grilled food and rice. It reminded me of why I have never been one to skip breakfast or just stick to a cup of coffee (can’t drink it anyway). The heavy breakfast certainly helped us make our way to Chatuchak for some seriously exhausting time spent shopping.

Breakfast in Bangkok

After the bananas are grilled, they get sweeter and mushy soft

Suan Luang market (near Suan Luang park), Saturday and Sunday, 6 to 10 am


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