The magic hour

My favorite time of the day. A time of transition: right before the sun lights up the sky or bows out for the day in a brilliant display of colors from orange to pink to red.

When I’m working in the house, I often find myself stopping whatever work I’m doing and just looking out the window during that magical hour in the afternoon. I don’t get a view like the travel photos below–just our next door neighbor’s white wall getting a hint of orange, rooftops, and trees against a blue-pink sky–but it’s enough to make me stop and just look outside.

Sunset in Boracay Island

Sunrise in Siquijor Island

I love how the soft light of magic hour can make an old, decrepit building at a street corner relive its glory years. How it can make a row of cranes by a port seem more dramatic and beautiful. And how it can suddenly make you sentimental and engage in pathetic attempts at poetry.

An old building in Zamboanga City

A port in Barcelona (photo by P)

Next week, I’ll be venturing into something unfamiliar. Transitions can be scary. You don’t know how you’ll come out of it. But the anxiety, the fear, they usually only last for a while and I can always look at it like magic hour. (Or at least wish for a good view.)


8 thoughts on “The magic hour

  1. Absolutely love the American colonial building in the Zamboanga photo. The vision of it just takes you back in time.

  2. I love that too. Love the color of the building and the structure esp with the sun hitting it 🙂 It was taken on our first and only free afternoon in Zamboanga City (two years ago) when we weren’t heading to a seaweed farm. I’ve been meaning to post it here since I started this blog. 🙂

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