“We tell ourselves stories in order to live.” Joan Didion wrote in The White Album. My sister tells her stories in poetry. My brother in his indie comic books. A friend shares hers in children’s books. Another friend in an upcoming coming-of-age novel. One shares it simply through really long, clever status messages. Another in photos and tales of adventures of her adorable cat. We all tell our stories in different ways. What matters is we tell them.

My name is Mabel. I’m a writer, editor and web producer from the Philippines. This blog began for two reasons. I wanted to relish and write about every detail of my 2010 trip to Japan (pretty long, exhausting entries I should warn you) and I simply wanted a space where I could write more often in my own voice on things that I want to write about beyond the pages of a magazine. Write about my Japan obsession, about traveling somewhere, anywhere, write about running, about books, about some spillover information from my assignments and travels that others might find useful (might being the operative word), write about food, attempts to cook food, write about missing my dad. Write. Write. Write.

This is a space where I tell my stories. (They’re not always that interesting, but thanks for reading anyway.) Welcome 🙂 April 2011

All photos and text in this blog are mine, unless otherwise noted. If you need to use or borrow something from the blog, please credit Mabel David-Pilar and/or Slouching Somewhere. Thanks!
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