I got mail. Snail mail.

No, unfortunately it wasn’t a letter with Keanu Reeves attached to it, but it was still exciting to receive something from the post.

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All you need is an IKEA (or two)

Hello there, beautiful

Before we went on another day of shophouse-ogling with the help of a friend and her Chinatown walking tour, we headed to Tampines, where the biggest Ikea in the country was located. For P, Ikea in Singapore is to Akihabara in Tokyo. It was on top of his must-see in Singapore list. He didn’t care if we were not going to Universal Studios, Sentosa or some other theme-park style attraction. (I didn’t care much for it either.) Ikea was his wonderland in Singapore. Aside from the fact that he loves how the furniture looks, I think it has something to do with the fact that there is no Ikea in the Philippines. It makes you want it even more.

Before we began exploring the Ikea branch in Tampines, my friends said we had to eat in the Ikea restaurant. To try the meatballs. Even before we left Manila, several friends were also telling us not to miss the meatballs. So before any drooling over the furniture could commence, we ate the much-hailed meatballs (they were good), chicken wings, and other plates of goodness.

Beyond furniture: Apparently the Swedes also know how to make some mighty tasty meatballs

The chicken wings (and the cake peeking at the right) were also good

Let the exploration begin…

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