Hunting for something pretty

Furniture store Space Encounters launched its latest line last night. It was something I was looking forward to all week as designer Wilmer Lopez creates the loveliest pieces with a playful style. It was also a chance to meet up with friends and have a few drinks (before the onslaught of deadlines and out-of-town shoots next week).

Dubbed, “Hunting Season,”  the latest collection is more Nordic-inspired (clean lines and soft colors) compared to the dark and dramatic Asian-pop inspiration of the “Indochine Remixes” collection.  With the new collection, Space Encounters looked like a completely different store. But just as pretty.

I love this corner, particularly the desk and the big mirror on the side

Interesting prints, framed quotes (that reveal one of the owners' love for Star Trek, among other things) and a lovely green couch

Looking for a different kind of chair? This sheep is surprisingly comfortable

There are many different styles of chairs and throw pillows with quirky, cute designs. If you’re not planning to lug home anything bulky, you can also find small home and fashion accessories sourced overseas  like bags, rings, photo/memo clips, the most awesome notepads (that you don’t want to write on them) and little stuffed animals.

My sister loves this 'Esc' ring

While the furniture collection generally changed, the corner with all the K-pop merchandise remains–shirts, posters, photos, magazines, and accessories for those looking for pretty of a different variety.

Kpop merchandise


11 thoughts on “Hunting for something pretty

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  2. I adore that sheep! There is a good image of a Scottish Blackface sheep (with a lamb) over on my blog; type in the word ‘sheep’ in the search box, if you like.

    Thank you for your work


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