Beyond danggit, otap and dried mangoes

Don’t get me wrong, those are fantastic pasalubong items to bring home from a trip to Cebu. But a great addition to the salty, dried fish (danggit), the oval and sugary biscuits (otap), and the sweet dried mangoes are these thin, crispy Belgian chocolate lace cookies. I first heard about Les Chocolateries cookies two years ago from an old college friend from Cebu. So when I made the trip to the Visayan province a week ago, I made sure to buy some. It comes in semi-sweet, mint, dark and white chocolate. I got the Dark Chocolate. At PHP400 for 300 grams, they’re not the cheapest pasalubong, but they are the most decadent. Love the sweet-bitter taste of the dark chocolate sandwiched between the two crispy cookies. I haven’t been feeling well the past week so it’s the perfect remedy. (That is if I ignore the sore throat that chocolate brings me. And I did.)

Les Chocolateries cookies are available at Don Merto’s Restaurant/Casa Escano B&B, 94 Juana Osmena Street, Cebu City, tel: (63-32) 253-5563 to 64; Don Merto’s 118A Upper Ground Floor The Northwing, SM City, Cebu, tel: (63-32) 236-2934


6 thoughts on “Beyond danggit, otap and dried mangoes

  1. Nice post! There is indeed something to bring home from Cebu beyond danggit and dried pusit! The chocolates of Don merto’s are definitely a call for comeback in every bite!

    Also sharing with you a 50% off on Don Merto’s Deli and Resto, only available at

    Those who’ve tried their scrumptious dishes, better check out this deal today. Only available ’til Jan22, but redeemable for 6mos!

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