Turning touristy in Hong Kong

I should have bought a shirt. You know, the one with the “I <heart> HK.” I should have gone years ago but Hong Kong’s reputation for being a shopping mecca discouraged me. (I’m not really big on shopping. I’ll spend hours inside a mall because I’m looking for something in particular not because I’m just hoping to find something that catches my eye. So, I always thought, what else was I going to do in Hong Kong?)

Victoria Harbor...

The Hong Kong skyline from the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade. I couldn’t get enough of this view.

Turns out–hello, ignorant tourist– that there are a lot of other things to do in Hong Kong besides shopping: gawking at the lights show in Victoria Harbour, going up the Peak to gawk at the Hong Kong skyline some more, walking along the Avenue of the Stars, taking the Star Ferry, going to Disneyland, eating dimsum, pork buns and egg tarts, going to a night market, going to a neighborhood flea market, going to a temple, taking the Star Ferry all over again, and just going around the narrow neon-lit streets. Mostly touristy things I know, but I still enjoyed every minute of it.

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