Going around Akihabara

Any WordPress blogger at one point in their blogging life has probably obsessed over their Site Stats. I love this part of my dashboard because I get to see Search Engine Terms and Top Posts & Pages. The second all time Search Term that has led to Slouching Somewhere is Akihabara. So to all fellow Akiba fans who stumble upon here, here’s a map my husband and I got from the time we toured Tokyo’s Electric City courtesy of a HIS Experience Japan tour. The tour by Patrick Galbraith in his Goku get-up is no longer available, but you can click on the map for an enlarged view and save it for a DIY tour. (A more detailed and exhausting tale of our day in Akihabara is here.)

The map marked with numbers on where we stopped...

1. Start at the exit of JR Akihabara Station, near Curry Kitchen Spice and Beck's Coffee Shop.

2. Go toward Akihabara Electric Wave Hall. First stop, the radio center where our guide showed us old radios and told us about the history of Akiba.

Of course all the new electronics are also found in Akiba

3. Go through an alley and enter the Radio Kaikan building (across with the K-Books sign). There you can find Kaiyodo Hobby Lobby Tokyo in the 4th floor and Volks in the 6th and 7th floor. 

Kaiyodo is supposedly the oldest store in Akihabara specializing in figurines of animé and manga characters and Volks is a showroom featuring different dolls, action figures, tool and materials. I love it that in their website they claim: Our well-trained staff will switch your "?" to "!" by offering good services. Hehe.

How about some dolls?

4 and 5. Go to the next building where there are other hobby stores and where our guide gave all of us in the group gashapon or capsule toys in vending machines.

Gashapon galore

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