Vacation calories don’t count, right? (Eating our way around Singapore)

Anyone who’s been to Singapore swear by its food. Due to the country’s cultural diversity–a melting pot of mostly Chinese, Indian, and Malay–it’s no wonder that the food scene thrives. Eating out is often considered a national pastime and I made sure to participate on my most recent trip.

For all of Singapore’s signature dishes, it was amusing that for my first two meals, my friends treated me to a delicious Taiwanese dinner in Din Tai Fung (love the xiao long bao; have no photos to show for it though) and a Nepalese brunch at Everest the following morning. Both were excellent, so who was I to complain.

slouching somewhere

Nepalese coffee at Everest

When we went to the Night Safari Zoo, P (who had just arrived and was famished) wanted to grab a bite to eat before we hopped on the tram. I recommended the sambal stingray because I wanted to taste it as well, forgetting the fact that P only likes it mildly spicy and the sambal was far from mild. He liked it though. He just tried to eat it as fast as he could; maybe his taste buds wouldn’t notice the serious beating it was getting.

Sambal stingray. A must try for anyone who wants a dish with a serious kick

After the Night Safari, we went to the hawker center Lau Pa Sat (18 Raffles Quay) for dinner with our friend Terrie. It’s considered by some local foodies as the best place to get good satay (for Pinoys in SG, it is also where Tapa King and the lechon stall Mang Kiko’s are located). Its outdoor area along Boon Tat Street (opened only in the evening) has so many satay stalls (and quite the aggressive stall owners and street vendors), but I gravitated toward stall #8, which was called “Best Satay.” And what do you know? There is still truth in advertising.

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