Time for champorado, lugaw and mami (and for donations!)

How the road typically looks for the past few days.

It’s been raining for the past few weeks, here in Metro Manila and in many other parts of the country. And it’s not one of those soft drizzle that just leaves the road wet and makes the weather a little cooler; no, it’s mostly heavy, furious downpour that leaves many roads and neighborhoods submerged in flood. (Many families living in low-lying areas or nearby rivers in different parts of the city and nearby provinces have actually evacuated–or asked to evacuate–because of the flooding.)

It is typhoon season and even if there is no storm signal (FYI for non-Filipino readers, the country has three storm signals and if you’re traveling here from June to September early December, best be acquainted with storm warnings here), sometimes the southwest monsoon (yes, I’ve been watching too many weather updates) can bring alarming torrential rain, like today.

It’s best to stay indoors when this happens, but if you must venture out, check flooding and traffic updates here. And should you want to find some little comfort from food, here are a couple of local dishes that should be in your list for good rainy day Pinoy food.

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