Current somewhere: New York City

We interrupt the Japan posts with this unexpected announcement: I’m in New York City!

If there’s one place I’ve always dreamed, wished, and hoped to go to more than Japan, it’s this place. I went here primarily for work (thank you, boss!) and extended a week to go around the city.

Since the trip was only finalized a few days before the flight, I didn’t really get to plan any painstakingly detailed itinerary, which I’m often  inclined to do. I just wrote down the places I wanted to see and hoped I would get to check each and every one of them. (Central Park, Grand Central Terminal, the Brooklyn Bridge, Chrysler Building, Empire State Building, the High Line, the Flatiron building, Union Square, the museums–just about every New York City spot that’s been ingrained in our collective pop culture consciousness.)

But one of the things I did get to read about when it comes to traveling around New York were a few tips on how not to look like a tourist in the Big Apple. One of the things it mentioned is that you can tell a tourist from a local because the former often looks up at the buildings. I don’t really have any issue with being identified as a tourist because, let’s face it, I’m in a foreign country so of course I’m not a local! And what I found while I’m here is that looking up is one of the best things you can do. The city has so many iconic skyscrapers and beautiful works of architecture of different styles and design, it’s a shame if you don’t look up and see them. Just be sure to NOT stop on your tracks and block other pedestrians (unless you like to be yelled at by droves of people in a hurry). Go to either side of the sidewalk where you won’t be in anybody’s way and gaze at the buildings all you want from there.

Here are a few of things I’ve seen in so many walks and got to check off my New York City list. I will post some more details about the trip (and more pictures!) when I come home in a few days.

On my second day in New York City, I walked from my hotel along 8th avenue down to Grand Central Terminal...

On my second day in New York City, I walked from my hotel along 8th avenue down to 43rd Street to Grand Central Terminal and finally saw the Chrysler Building in her glorious Art Deco style. It felt so surreal finally seeing this beautiful building

Empire State Building

That same evening, while walking to find a place for dinner, I saw the Empire State Building all lit up

Walking along Central Park...

Walking along Central Park South near The Pond

The Plaza from Central Park

View of The Plaza from Central Park South

Hello again, Empire State

Hello again, Empire State (from 11th Avenue near W 35th Street)


Can you fall in love with a building? The Chrysler Building from 1st Avenue



14 thoughts on “Current somewhere: New York City

  1. Congratulations Mabel for making it out here in NYC! I love your enthusiasm with travel and your pictures remind me that I often neglect the basics of the big apple! The chrysler buidling is a very beautiful structure as is Grand Central Terminal. I’m sure you’ll have some beautiful photos of the exterior and interior at Grand Central. I’m also sure you made it down the Flatiron buiding as well. It’s ust an amazing structure to marvel at. Well, I don’t want to take up too much of your time so enjoy the rest of your days in NYC. I also hope you got a chance to enjoy some of the food out here! Next time you will need to hit some of the other boroughs of NYC as well!

  2. Nice! I’m impressed. Sounds like maybe I have to ask you what’s cool going on in nyc these past few weeks! They had the 5 boro bicycle tour on May 4th that started in manhattan by the grounds of the world trade center. It would of been a great opportunity to get a glimpse of the 5 boros in one shot. Hope you got a chance to see an old nyc institution/cafeteria at Katz’s Delicatessen and grabbed a Rueben or pastrami sandwich.

    • Hey Pat! Sadly, I didn’t get to go to Katz deli (gasp! I know… such a sin!) 😦
      But I still enjoyed every minute of my NY trip. Yes, I did get to go to the Flatiron building and I took a shameless amount of photos while hanging around the park nearby and eating at Mad. Square eats. You live in such a beautiful and intriguing city… can we switch apartments for a couple of weeks in the future? 😉

      • actually I live in the burbs of NJ but I spend quite a bit of time in NYC. I like the space & quietness, & parking space of NJ but enjoy everything else about the city. Did you try the overhyped but still good Shack Shack Burger at Madison Square Park across from Madison Square eats? Katz is such in an isolated and gritty area. I think you would appreciate the area of the lower east side for its old buildings and tenement homes.

      • I stayed in NJ with friends for a couple of days too and went to that area (forgot the name) that overlooks downtown/Wallstreet, it was nice 😊 So much space in NJ, I love it. Yes, I tried Shake Shack along 8th ave (it was near my hotel) and I’ve been telling people that i really can’t judge it cause it was my first real meal after the long-haul flight and it was like I couldn’t taste it, haha! What burger joint do you like in NY or NJ?

      • The lower east side (and Harlem) were the areas I didn’t get to explore 😦 I only reached until the St. Mark’s Place in the East Village and I loved the atmosphere of the neighborhood (though I only got to see it in the evening). Must plan a return trip, hehe!

      • View of lower manhattan from NJ could of been Hoboken or Jersey City. Jersey City has a direct view of the World Financial Center/World Trade Center. Very beautiful view of Manhattan’s skyline from both locations. I do like the burgers at Shake Shack but I think I’ve overdosed on them so much over the years I’m getting bored. Other burgers I like include sliders from New Jersey. A place called White Manna in Hackensack,NJ serves up a nice working class slider (bite size burger w/ infused onions) served on a potato roll. Jersey City has a similiar outpost called White Mana. If I’m in a mood for fast food sliders, there’s a chain called White Castle’s in NJ/NY and probably elsewhere. Any White Castle’s in the Philippines? For a more formal burger, I like the steak like burgers at Peter Luger’s Steakhouse in Brooklyn.

      • Yes it was in Jersey City but I can’t remember the area exactly and yes, it had a direct view of the WTC… Really beautiful skyline. Also saw the Manhattan skyline from Long Island City and it was just as gorgeous 😍 thanks for the burger suggestions! White Manna sounds yummy (love onions in my burger!). I forgot all about White Castle, and no they sadly don’t have a branch here in the Philippines. (Btw thanks for answering all my questions, 😊)

      • Thank you for reporting about the trip! Oh yes, next time you will definitely have to check out the Lower East Side where the latin folks meet old school ny jewish meet the chinese ! Harlem is a must too. Too many things to explore there with the culture, arts, & food. Jersey City view – was it the Exchange Place waterfront? Very expensive real estate on those grounds!

  3. “Look Up” is the name of my future photography exhibit. (The exhibit happens in my head.) 🙂 So excited and happy that you got to do this trip! Eeeee!!!

    PS. Buy a Tylenol PM for your flight coming home!

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