Current somewhere: Osaka, Japan

We’re in Japan! Almost four years have passed since I made my first trip here with P and we’re  as  happy and grateful as we were the last time that we managed to get here. Same idiotic grins plastered on our faces as we sat on the train out of Kansai International Airport and to Osaka, our base for the trip. (While the two high school boys–who I was already casting in a J-drama in my head–in front of us probably thought, “Bunch of weirdos.” But then we’re in Japan, weird is likely very relative.)

We got to our hotel at almost 10:30 pm (will write about how to go to Osaka from KIX in another post) and by then we just wanted to have dinner, walk a bit in the shopping street where our hotel was located, and get some sleep.

Yesterday, was our first chance to really explore and we went to Osaka Castle, in spite of the pouring rain. All those hours I’ve spent glued to my chair the past few days have now been replaced with hours of walking. I love it…my feet and legs, not so much.

Osaka Castle, which seemed most picturesque with the cherry blossoms in bloom in the foreground (as how Osaka postcards show it), looked drab and gray like the skies at the time. The castle is the city’s most iconic landmark but as I found out from a travel guide, it’s just a replica of the one built in 1853–but not a faithful replica. It has been destroyed and rebuilt several times through centuries, you can’t really fault Japan’s third biggest city from building a more enduring version.

Walking to Osaka-jo

Walking to Osaka-jo from the bridge nearest (and when I say nearest, I mean a 15-minute walk from) the Osakajokoen Station on the JR Loop Line.


It just kept pouring even after the hour-long exploration within the walls of the castle

The nearby Plum Grove in the castle grounds provided the day’s bright spot! Who cares about a downpour and muddy grounds when you’ve got some pathways lined with pretty pink blooms? We’re not going to reach the blooming of the cherry trees this time around, but the plum blooms, which are some of the first blossoms to open to signify the start of spring, were just as lovely.

I’ll post more about our trip around Kansai when we get back, but here are a few photos of the blooming plum trees to start off the weekend with something nice and pretty.

Cold and wet but we were g;ad to look...



Up close and personal to some beautiful plum blossoms

Up close to some beautiful plum blossoms

How to get to Osaka Castle: From the JR Loop Line, get down Osakajokoen Station.


15 thoughts on “Current somewhere: Osaka, Japan

  1. I love dispatches like this where the writer is still wherever she is writing about (I hope am making sense). I’m picturing you and P just wandering about, big goofy grins on your faces and just happily playing tourists. Keep ’em posts coming! 🙂

    • Hey Terrie, yes you made sense, hehe. Unfortunately, haven’t had time to blog anymore while here. I would be so exhausted at the end of the day from all the walking, I would just post a few photos in IG and doze off. I told P that our next vacation–weekend lang of doing nothing just to recuperate but it’s been FUN! More posts when I get back to Manila na 🙂 Hope you’re doing well there in SG!

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