Art in a parking lot

Last week, the sixth floor parking lot of The Link, the building between Shangri-La Hotel Makati and Landmark Department Store, was transformed into this impressive space where 24 participating galleries showcased what Art Fair Philippines dubbed, “the best of Philippine contemporary art.”

Thank goodness, I got to schlepp to Makati last Sunday, on the last day of the fair, and got to see some jaw-dropping artwork from many Filipino artists. I don’t religiously follow the art scene and when somebody asks me what makes a good artwork, my default (and probably naive) answer is that I think it’s very subjective. What you find beautiful, others may find offensive. What I may dream of putting in my apartment, others may think to be kitschy. And if you’re only starting to collect art, a gallery owner once told me, primarily buy the ones you love and not simply because you think they’ll appreciate in value. The ones below, I love, but being able to afford them is another matter. So allow me to simply ‘hang’ their pictures in this blog.

In the Silverlens Gallery...

Asphalt. This Gabriel Barredo installation in the Silverlens Gallery was a bit freaky and dark and layers upon layers of heaving nuts and bolts and discarded toys (I spied a Ben 10 action figure)


This photo (and the one below) doesn’t do it justice: many of the parts are moving, the flaps/wings on top of some of the elements of the artwork have a rhythm almost like it’s breathing. The entire installation seemed like a living thing.



One more thing I liked about this piece were the shadows cast upon the white wall behind it. I can only hope that when it finds its new home (yeah, somebody bought it already), it can cast a bigger shadow on a bigger wall. I thought it looked like a shadow of a city in decay. Mad Max, anyone?


Mimefield. Mark O. Justiniani’s impressive piece in Tin-aw Gallery’s booth had everyone looking down…


…it was just about a foot or so in height but he made brilliant use of mirrors and light. Hello, optical illusion


The exhibition of Justiniani’s work will be transferred to Tin-aw gallery in Somerset Olympia Building, Makati Avenue from February 15 to March 1

In the Alto Mondo Gallery Alab

In the booth of Alto Mondo Gallery, the wire sculpture by Alab Pagarigan (below) draws you in for a closer look




From the booth of Fresh Manila


Untitled 1-10 Collage on plywood by Bernard Pacquing


I’m a sucker for sad-looking dogs


In the Pablo Gallery booth



5 thoughts on “Art in a parking lot

  1. Mimefield and the Fresh Manila booth looked particularly good. I should ‘hang’ pictures from my gallery! I don’t dig a lot of the contemporary art I have seen but I really loved Mariko Mori’s recent exhibition in London.

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