Pinto Art Gallery

Ever since it opened more than a decade ago, I’ve always wanted to see Pinto Art Gallery up in the hilltop town of Antipolo. It’s only 25 kilometers away from Manila, but I never got around to it–not until a few months ago. Procrastination, memory lapse, and the constant distraction of doing something else may have all played a role–as with many things on my shame-inducing to-do list.

But moving on…finally, I got to see it courtesy of the husband’s magazine assignment to take a recently-hatched day tour around the city by two of its residents. The tour features stops at the Antipolo Cathedral, an eco park, a mountain resort, Crescent Moon Cafe, and the highlight of the trip (at least for me) Pinto Art Gallery.

Silangan Gardens, where Pinto Art Gallery and Museum are located

The gallery is located in Silangan Gardens, the sprawling compound of renowned Philippine neurologist and art patron Dr. Joven Cuanang. The grounds are beautiful–a lush garden, white washed walls, and a fantastic view of the surrounding landscape. The gallery, which hosts exhibits of Filipino works, is by the entrance. Across the garden in front of it is a small chapel, which holds Cuanang’s collection of religious images. Then there is his very photogenic house and garden, and the most recent addition, the museum of interconnected galleries at the bottom of the property.

Love the interiors of the gallery by the entrance

One gallery features amphitheater-like interiors with a huge, dramatic artwork in its center; another showcases the local artwork within a hallway of stairs.

The museum features Cuanang’s extensive art collection

Resident artist Andy Orencio talks about the darkly-themed artwork in the gallery

The works featured are from contemporary Filipino artists that tackle mostly somber and thought-provoking themes. It can all get a bit too heavy and dark, but you can easily step out of the galleries for a sunnier and less somber view. In the words of resident artist Andy Orencio who guided us through the grounds: “Mabigat ang mga paintings, kaya pag-akyat mo, magaan, maaliwalas.” It’s no wonder that I ended up stepping outside and taking in more of the view outdoors.

Pinto Cafe by the museum

Once you reach the gallery at the bottom of the property, go up…

…and sit under the shade of a tree and talk about art, the great view of the outdoors, or what’s next on your to-do list

Tayo na sa Antipolo tour: mobile (0917) 8263447, (0920) 9038085, tel. no. (02) 4006331
Pinto Art Gallery address: Number 1, Sierra Madre St., Grand Heights, Antipolo City, Rizal, Philippines
Open Wednesdays to Sundays, 9am to 6pm


7 thoughts on “Pinto Art Gallery

  1. planning to go there tomorrow- thanks for the commentary and pictures. I’m not one for the morbid and heavy either when it comes to art. I don’t mind it and even understand most of it, but I think there’s a reason why all the madness is inside and unseen and not outside all hanging out. depression begets depression in my opinion.

    • Oh I hope you enjoy it! It’s a really lovely place…just step outside when the dark and heavy stuff gets, well, too dark and heavy, haha 😉 Thanks for following too! Love that you’re covering so much ground in the Philippines!

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