Ramen love

Family, friends and regular readers of this blog know that I love ramen. Even if I live in a tropical country where summers can get unbearably hot and monsoon seasons get unbelievably humid, I still won’t pass up on a hot bowl of ramen. (Yes, I know there’s cold ramen, but haven’t tried one here in the Philippines just yet.)

Folks at Hack College (fellow ramen lovers I assume?) created a cool graphic on ramen. It’s really more about instant ramen–its history, quite a few interesting facts, and a couple of recipes that make use of the surprisingly versatile instant ramen noodles.

I got an email from the team who made this awesome graphic last month (yes, this is an overdue post) and thought it would be great to share it with all ramen lovers who visit this blog if you still haven’t seen it. Now, let’s eat some ramen!

We Love Ramen Infographic
Created by: HackCollege.com


8 thoughts on “Ramen love

  1. Some interesting facts here – you can eat dandelions??? – especially the fact that Japanese citizens voted this their top invention of the 20th Century. Breakfast Ramen looks the best.

    • Thanks! We are home in London now, currently trying to get back into work : ( wish we had another trip planned…! ha-ha.

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