Searching for ginataan, palitaw and binatog. Finding suman and mangga.

The past few weeks have been pretty busy, mostly involving work and visits to the doctor. (An MRI I learned is not too comfortable.)

It’s also been raining. And when the weather turns wet and cold, I start to crave for the merienda fare I grew up with. A bowl of ginataan (a warm sweet soup made with coconut milk, slices of plantain, jack fruit, purple yam, taro,  sweet potato and tapioca pearls) from the neighborhood turo-turo (eatery), palitaw (flat rice cake covered in grated coconut, sugar and toasted sesame seeds) and binatog (boiled white corn kernels topped with grated coconut) from the street vendors, and suman (glutinous rice cooked in coconut milk) and mangga (mango) from the palengke (marketplace).

I’m still in search for the first three–wondering where I can get good ginataan and where I can still find street vendors selling palitaw and binatog–BUT I was able to have some suman and mangga from a day trip to Antipolo. The suman of Crescent Moon Cafe is the best I’ve had. You can taste a little sweetness and the rich coconut milk in the soft sticky rice with every bite. Best paired with a sweet slice of mango. It was joy in a little plate.

slouching somewhere

Crescent Moon Cafe's suman and mangga

The Crescent Moon Cafe
Ascencion Road, Barangay Dalig, Antipolo City; tel: (632) 658-3866; hours, Tues to Sun 12nn to 2pm Set Menu Lunch (P350-weekday/Saturday, P450-Sunday)
2pm to 4pm for suman/ mango merienda;by reservation only


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