A little bookshop in Duxton Road

It’s the smell that gets me. Every time I step into a bookshop (most bookshops anyway), I feel like I’m snuggled in between the pages of a book. (You know, when you buy a new book and you bury your nose in its pages, and even run your thumb across the pages to fan the smell of book paper–I love that!) And for anyone who loves books, what could be more satisfying than stepping into a small shop that just smells of books and have shelves and shelves of it.

On my last day in Singapore a few days ago, while my friend K and I looked for a place to have lunch with the girls, we explored Duxton Road in the Tanjong Pagar area. As the past trip to Singapore last year proved, I am a slut for shop houses, and when I saw that Duxton was lined with lovely shophouses, I made sure to explore it.

I was told that the conservation shophouses along Duxton used to be occupied by a number of seedy bars. Well, after it cleaned up its act, different businesses have opened up shop, including Littered with Books.


Littered with Books in a conservation shophouse along Duxton Road in Singapore

K was the one who pointed it out. With a name that conjures a lovely image of a room strewn with books, we went in and there it hit us. The wonderful smell of books.

It had a pretty good selection of fiction and non-fiction books, travel, and (I’m told by friends, though I didn’t check it myself) sci-fi titles. I spent most of my time in the second floor where the non-fiction and travel section was. Unfortunately, they didn’t have the Rob Sheffield book I was looking for (Talking To Girls About Duran Duran), but one of the staff was very helpful.

In this shelf (below), I  got a copy of Kazuo Ishiguro’s A Pale View of the Hills. (After finally getting to read Never Let Me Go back in January, I told myself I have to read more of his works. Just heartbreaking, mind-blowing and brilliant.)

I also adore the lovely interiors of the place. The glass skylight and the large windows upstairs allow for a substantial amount of sunlight to fill in the 2-story shophouse. I would definitely come back to this place when I find myself in Singapore again.

Cute decor and more books upstairs

Littered With Books
20 Duxton Road, Singapore
(65) 62206824


10 thoughts on “A little bookshop in Duxton Road

  1. Nice post.

    You brilliantly described the place. When I encounter book shops like this I feel like I can spend so much time just looking. I love the pictures as well, Singapore is one of the places I want to visit within the next few years.

    • Thanks, Jason. (Btw, what does Genki mean?) I know what you mean about feeling like you can spend so much time just looking around. Certain bookshops have that effect, don’t they? Too bad I only discovered it on the day I was leaving. There are a number of charming places like this in Singapore… but I’m sure Japan is the one on top of your places to visit? 🙂

      • Genki means healthy/fit/energetic/lively… Genkina hito translates as energetic person. A bit silly for a blog about Japanese films but it’s still Japanese 😉

        Japan is indeed on top of my list of places to visit alongside Hong Kong and Singapore which is part of the reason why your blog is so cool because you go to and describe places I’m still dreaming about.

  2. @Genki Jason
    So that’s what it means! It’s not silly, besides I’m not one to judge. Slouching somewhere–a result of too much Joan Didion (Slouching Towards Bethlehem) and love for travel meshed together for an awkward blog title 🙂 Hope you get to visit Japan soon!

    • Maya my lab! Este Manang Kepweng… Haha, oo nga it’s so near your office. I actually saw Duxton when I was walking to Ink, and I made a mental note to come back and explore it over the weekend because of the shophouses. Good thing 🙂

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