Arts and crafts along Alabama St.

Currently in Singapore now for work and last night my friends took me back to the Ann Siang Hill area for dinner and a few drinks. It’s a really lovely area with the rows of charming shophouses, many I was surprised to find out are actually bars and restaurants (at least along Club Street).  (The first time I went there was in the morning so I didn’t notice the closed bars.)

Anyway, in the spirit of lovely (and quirky) things, here’s a place in Manila that’s worth a visit if you find yourself looking for somewhere to go besides the mall.

In Alabama Street in New Manila, Quezon City there’s an old bungalow that’s now home to this wonderful furniture store and little gallery. Resurrection Furniture  & Found Objects Gallery takes old furniture and all sorts of  ‘junk with potential’ and makes them over to something better or (the term many shelter mags like to use now) upcycles them.

The store used to be located along Maginhawa Street in Quezon City (another must-see in Metro Manila for the many different restos and little hidden shops), but its new home seems to suit it better with the furniture arranged in the living room and spread out throughout the house. 10A Alabama Street also has the tiny RAW Art Gallery and a tea bar that looks like your school’s old science lab.

If that isn’t enough to make you schlep there, on the weekend of September 3 and 4, 10A Alabama will hold Handmade Art Fair featuring the works of designer Binggoy  De Ocampo, architect Leah Sanchez (the two people behind Resurrection), artists Robert Alejandro, Jazel Kristin, Sinag De Leon, Lizza Gutierrez, Arlene Florendo Barbaza, and Erika Bustamante Avancena.

Last month, they held 10A Alabama’s Arts and Crafts Fair, where different artists including Alejandro and Ginny Alcaide (love her use of thread for portraits) sold their works. There were also a lot of costume jewelry and other pretty accessories, notebooks, and organic soaps; and of course the cleverly refurbished furniture and home items from Resurrection. Here are a few photos of last month’s fair.

The white and blue gate along Alabama Street is hard to miss

Cute notebooks and clips

Pretty rings and necklaces

The ‘living room’ of Resurrection Furniture

The room where artist Robert Alejandro has some of his works

Journals by Robert Alejandro

Refurbished card catalog cabinet

The house’s ‘kitchen area’ or Hausbesetzer Laboratory of different sorts of tea

Where’s the wolf pack?

Artwork in the backyard

Let’s support local arts and crafts 🙂 See you in Handmade Art Fair!
Where: 10a Alabama Street, New Manila, Quezon City

19 thoughts on “Arts and crafts along Alabama St.

  1. Wow, this is such a charming area! It seems quite cozy and laid back…a great place to spend some time just browsing. When i’m back in Asia, I need to go to Singapore! I’ve never been there, unfortunately 😦

    • Hey Lauren, actually this place is in Quezon City in the Philippines. (Just posted it while I was in Singapore) I did get to see a number of charming places in Singapore as well. I’ll post them as soon as I have the time. If ever you find yourself back in Asia, both the Phils and Singapore are pretty good stops. You have yourself a tour guide if you find yourself in this part of Asia 🙂

      • Oh wow! Thanks so much. I know – eventually, in the future – i’ll be making my way to the Philippines one day. And hopefully Singapore! And likewise — if you’re ever in Los Angeles…i’ll be more than happy to take your around! Although, for right now, i’m in Oregon for the next two years! But i’ll be back home in LA from time to time for vacations =]

  2. aruruteynks mabel 😀 and for the cloud on my finger 😉 you still in sg? you gonna drop by the next artfair? bring your sis 😀

    • Hi Feanne! You’re welcome 🙂 And thanks for posting the link here. A blog that promotes Metro Manila–that’s such a great campaign. Manila needs all the love we can give 🙂 Hope you (and your friends?) get to check out Handmade Art Fair nga.

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