Meatless Dinner: Arugula, Mushroom and Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta

I haven’t been slouching off anywhere out of town for almost two months, but I have been frequenting the kitchen lately to cook dinner or lunch that P can bring to the office. Last Sunday, my vegetarian sister brought some freshly harvested organic arugula to the house and we decided to cook pasta. She recently signed up to the Philippine-based Good Food Co., an organization that enables farmers to grow organic produce and connect them with socially-aware consumers who want organic food on their plate. She signed up as a stakeholder and that means she regularly gets organic vegetables that are in season, while being able to help the small local farmers that Good Food Co. supports. It’s a good cause and as consumers we get to know where our food comes from and how it’s grown or raised.

With the bountiful harvest of arugula from Good Food Co., some sun-dried tomatoes, goat cheese or kesong puti, garlic, canned mushrooms, and a pack of linguine from the cupboard, we made this meatless and very satisfying pasta. It had the wonderful flavors and textures of the peppery, bitter arugula, the chewy, sweet and tart tomatoes, the soft, subtle cheese and the comforting combination of olive oil and garlic.

For the recipe: While you’re cooking the pasta (we picked linguine just because it was what we had in the kitchen), chop a few cloves of garlic, slice some sun-dried tomatoes and soak it in olive oil, rinse and slice some button mushrooms (one can) or some other mushrooms you prefer, wash and drain the arugula.

To put it all together: Put 1/4 cup or more of olive oil in a pan. Put the garlic in, followed by the tomatoes and the mushroom. After a few minutes toss in the cooked pasta. Once the pasta is well-coated with the oil mixture, tear handfuls of arugula leaves onto the mix. Season with salt and squeeze some lemon juice over it. When the arugula starts to wilt, crumble goat cheese over it. Mix it up. Turn off the heat. And serve! Yum 🙂


12 thoughts on “Meatless Dinner: Arugula, Mushroom and Sun-Dried Tomato Pasta

  1. Don’t forget to rinse the mushrooms so that there’s less sodium, and to squeeze lemon juice after seasoning it with salt. Brightens the flavors.

    This week’s challenge: organic luffa.

  2. Add the arugula before the turning off the heat and no earlier, else you lose the peppery flavor and it just becomes bitter. It helps to have all the ingredients ready. Enjoy!

  3. Namaaaan! 😀 I hate reading about food late at night because I end up getting hungry. But what do you know, I get to your blog and see this! Sigh. I’m a lazy cook, but I think I’m gonna try this one of these days, hehehe… Sawwaaap! 😉

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