When in Japan

So what if my taste buds were craving for tapsilog on our last few days in Japan? During most of our vacation, I was loving every meal we were having, especially this relatively affordable and much healthier set meal of salmon, rice, miso soup, a bowl of pickled veggies and nori strips to start the day. Good morning!

Breakfast in a gyudon restaurant in Shibuya

6 thoughts on “When in Japan

  1. Na-miss ko rin ang Pinoy breakfast sa Laban Rata base camp sa Mt. Kinabalu. Ang natira sa akin bilang agahan ay kanin at hard-boiled egg na ginisa sa sambal olek, i.e., crushed chilies. At kung kakababa mo lang mula sa tuktok ng bundok, na sinimulan mong akyatin ng a las dos ng umaga at kung saan umabot ng -5 degrees Celsius ang temperatura, papatulan mo ito. Go. Fight.

  2. I don’t eat breakfast except when I’m on vacation so I am loving this breakfast-around-the-world series! 🙂 I’ll look up my own archive for memorable morning meals and share them with you.

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