I got mail. Snail mail.

No, unfortunately it wasn’t a letter with Keanu Reeves attached to it, but it was still exciting to receive something from the post.

It came three days ago. It was addressed to me and my husband and it came from our friend Karen in Singapore. Aside from bills and newsletters, and the occasional (beloved) postcards from friends traveling, it has been a long time since I got an actual mail from the post. I was so excited to receive mail, besides from our good friends in the electric, phone, water, broadband and cable companies, I quickly tore that envelope. It was the Ikea 2011 catalog. Karen, knowing that two of her friends here in the Philippines are crazy over the Swedish furniture store, was kind enough to mail us a copy. The letter she wrote that came along with it–though it was short–was sweet. (Like the lingonberry jam to the Swedish meatballs. There had to be a bad Ikea-related metaphor/joke somewhere.)

Oh snail mail. You weren’t even described as snail-like before. You were just mail. One that took a little more effort than hitting the send button to actually send over. One that normally took a week or so (at least in this side of the world) before the exciting/good/bad/boring news was received. And (if sender is lucky) responded to. That’s why it’s so wonderful to receive them–it doesn’t come very often and it makes you feel a wee bit special. So what did I do after getting that wonderful mail? I went online and thanked Karen on YM. Oh lazy me. I should send her a thank you note and find a way to attach Russell Crowe or Jeremy Piven to it.

(The Lake House photo, copyright 2006 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.)


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