Thinking of cupcakes this Sunday morning

Between savory and sweet, I often prefer savory. For me, dessert often means slices of fruit and not because I’m a health nut. It’s just whenever I eat anything sweet or anything with chocolate and the word decadent whipped into it, eight times out of ten I get a sore throat the following day. When I do indulge in the occasional dessert of the sweet and bitter chocolate variety, I make sure to load up on Vitamin C for the day, have a cup or two of hot tea while savoring said indulgence, and to steer clear from any cold beverages. (Hey, it works for me.)

Last Friday night, two friends treated us to a dinner in Mom and Tina’s Bakery Cafe. I love this restaurant. There’s also so much to love in their menu, but I especially crave for their freshly-made pasta (you can just toss it with butter and you’re good to go) and for dessert, their chocolate banana swirl cupcakes with fudge frosting. The cake is moist, fluffy and light; it goes well with the rich and sweet (and generous) fudge frosting on top. Friends with a sweet tooth, swear by their Chocolate Fudge (which is supposedly the bestseller). It is heavier, sweeter and will likely send you to chocolate coma. I think they have the best cupcakes in town–and they’ve been making them long before those pricier designer cupcakes invaded Metro Manila a few years back. They’re really good that I take my eight out of ten chances of getting a sore throat for one little cupcake.

Mom and Tina’s Bakery Cafe: 106 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave., Bgy. Ugong, Pasig City; tel: (632) 9140833


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