Well-spent Saturdays

Even though I usually work from the house and keep no office hours, Saturdays remain for me to be the most wonderful day of the week. Besides years of looking forward to the morning cartoons and end-of-the-school/work week, Saturday just holds something unexpected. Unless you have work scheduled or in my case for the past month, baptism and children’s birthday parties to attend to (seriously, every Saturday), there are no alarms set (or snooze buttons to push) and no time to punch in. But there is, if you fancy it, the promise of adventure. It doesn’t have to be one of those budget-busting, bucket-list type of adventures. For me and my husband, Saturdays are often well spent heading out the door and wondering where we’re going. Sometimes we head to nearby University of the Philippines, Diliman. Walking from the Oblation to the Vargas Museum (love its location and collection of Philippine modern art) to the Sunken Garden for some dirty ice cream or fish balls, and to where ever else we feel like going to. (All photos are by P. Except the dark, blurry ones inside the flat. Those ones are by me.)

Saturday in UP Diliman

UP Vargas Museum

Stumbling upon some students playing violin near the College of Music

This last Saturday, on our way to do some errands before heading to a friend’s birthday party, we came across the cutest little witch getting ready to do some trick or treating. After the errands were done, P and I went to Sango! The Burger Master, a Japanese burger joint P introduced to me some years back that has some pretty tasty burger creations. Their bestsellers include the Master Cheese Burger (which I liked since it’s sort of a burger version of a chili dog—what with the special meat sauce on top of the beef patty) and the Yakiniku Rice Burger (yakiniku beef in between two rice patties; still have to try this one). My favorite though is the Chicken Teriyaki Burger with its crispy layers of lettuce, sweet teriyaki chicken strips and the tart Japanese mayo.

Our last stop was our friend’s birthday party, whose flat, which he shares with his designer partner, I absolutely love. Look at the chair and that floral wallpaper (photos below). The night turned out to be my introduction to Doctor Who, the longest-running British sci-fi series. Yes, unfortunately I have never seen an episode about the Doctor, an alien in human form who travels through time and space via his spacecraft called TARDIS (which looks like an old British police box) and in the process has some pretty engrossing, suspenseful and cleverly-written adventures. Our friend showed us a couple of episodes with actor David Tennant playing the doctor. The award-winning episode entitled Blink is fantastic (I will never look at statues the same way again) and now I have another series to look for and follow. It was a good Saturday.

Can you fall in love with a chair?

My sister cannot take the suspense


2 thoughts on “Well-spent Saturdays

  1. Holy yakitori, that is one cute witch! Unlike those damn statues of weeping angels. Thanks for documenting my reaction–it was in keeping with the holiday.

    And great UP pics. Two weeks ago I dropped by for a visit, and there’s nothing like the academic oval after a brief shower. Brought back memories of me and F walking from one class to another and singing Blind Melon’s “No Rain”.

    Blast from the past yeah yeah: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dYlAwvz8uwc

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