Hitching for a living

A few weeks ago, I was corresponding with residents from different Asian cities regarding travel tips and trivia in their respective hometowns for an in-flight magazine’s roundup guide. I was struck by this piece of information in Jakarta. Apparently, since the busy Indonesian capital suffers from heavy traffic especially in its CBD, it has implemented a three-in-one rule during rush hours. This means vehicles with less than three passengers are prohibited on certain roads. Not-so-odd considering they’re encouraging more people to car pool.

Here’s the odd part. Because of this rule, a new job was born–the “joki” (jockey) or professional hitcher. People who need to pass by the restricted roads from 6 am to 10 am and from 4:30 pm to 7 pm, but don’t reach the minimum passenger requirement of three hire a joki to sit in their car as a way to get around the three-in-one rule. Clever or odd? I wonder if tourists can do this to earn a few extra bucks.


3 thoughts on “Hitching for a living

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