Someone disable the airline websites on my browser. Now.

Why must you tempt me so?

Many women like to shop for shoes. Their pulse quicken at the sight of shiny new footwear flaunted on shop windows or the word SALE in screaming red. They make impulse buys and feel just a wee bit guilty for waving that plastic to the cashier for the nth time that week. I don’t have this problem. Not with shoes, anyway. What I have is this (bad?) habit of trawling airline websites for cheap plane tickets. I know I shouldn’t, especially when I don’t really have plans to fly…to let’s say Cebu. Because I’m planning a road trip to Banaue with P, anyway. But because I regularly check airline websites, I’m often tempted by those regular promo fares. Oh, the promise of adventure. It’s like a shopaholic trying to just window shop. P599 (US$13) for one-way ticket to Caticlan (Boracay), Coron, and Puerto Princesa, but there were no more seats available. Thank goodness! But wait, there were still promo seats up for grabs to the province of Cebu. It was only around P1,000 (US$23) plus taxes for a roundtrip fare. That’s cheaper than most shoes. Almost P3,000 (US$70) for me and P. That’s still cheaper than some shoes.

Waiting for a boat in Cebu last year. How can I not want to return to a sight like this?

So I purchased those tickets and felt giddy for the bargain I got. I have long wanted to return to Cebu and check out the relatively quiet beaches of Bantayan Island or Malapascua. But a few minutes later, I got buyer’s remorse. I realized, the expenses don’t stop at the plane tickets. There are the resort accommodations, the food, transfers. Wasn’t I suppose to use that money to buy tickets for John Mayer’s concert this Friday? Does this mean P and I won’t be celebrating our wedding anniversary hiking the rice terraces of Batad and Banaue? I think purchasing those tickets was my subconscious telling me, “C’mon, Mabel…Hiking?! Seriously, I know you’d rather just go to a beautiful beach, soak in the sun and swim. And the John Mayer concert? That’s just one night.” Yes, I do prefer that vacation option better. As for John Mayer, I guess I can always listen to him while lying on the beach.


12 thoughts on “Someone disable the airline websites on my browser. Now.

  1. I can’t blame you. Those bargain air tickets are really tempting. Good thing I’ve programmed myself to delete their emails on sight haha.

  2. Gorgeous pic! Is that I on the pic? Where exactly in Cebu is this?

    I wanna go to Malapascua, too! Maybe December? You know, I’ve been traveling every month since February this year?! The year started with plans to stay in Bangkok in July with Ate C, remember? THAT never happened but the world offered up better ones.

    BTW, thanks for R’s number. She’s picking me up at the airport and I’m spending the night at her place before I go to El Nido. Her chubby-cheeked babies better watch out. Rawr.

    • That’s Ivy and I think we were waiting for the boat to Sumilon Island. Malapascua ata is more for divers so I’m more inclined to go to Bantayan.

      Ooh, R’s babies 🙂 I’ll send a gift to my godson when you go to Palawan.

  3. Really love that pic, like you’re off to eternity. The horizon line disappears into the sky. Hay, goodbye, siyudad. Ang ingay mo lang.

    Thanks for talking me out of the posh resort junket and into pushing through with my alone time at El Nido. You know me so well. Hugs.

  4. that’s a stunning photo, slouching somewhere!

    and i especially love your last sentence. i skipped the john mayer concert too, but i don’t know yet what my equivalent of your cebu trip is.

  5. So this is what you missed John Mayer for! Like I said, the Mayer fever reminded me of you and your old Nokia’s ringtone. Haha!

    I’ve never bought tickets to watch my favorite artists live. Nanghihinayang ako. Haha! If I can’t afford the VIP/backstage pass prices, I’d rather listen to them from my iPod or see them live on YouTube rather than see them from super afar/projected on a giant LCD and smell cigarettes and sweat all around…

    But yes. That Cebu shot is beautiful.

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