Fat cats in Japan

Writing a travel story on Malaysia for work, so blogging about our days seven to 10 in Japan has to take a back seat for now. Here’s a little commercial break of sorts: one of the most adorable things I kept seeing when we were in Japan were the fat cats. We didn’t get to go to those cat cafes, but there were enough cute, fat cats in the streets, the marketplace, and the parks. In the area where we stayed, there were also a lot of cats that an old woman would feed every evening. She would go to the neighborhood park with some food and all these fat cats would come out. Never got a photo though 😦 But these are the cats we were lucky enough to shoot. 🙂

The other wonderful thing we saw in Ueno Park aside from the cherry blossoms on Day 2 were these cats. They just stayed on that mat from morning until past noon, when we left.

A patrolman of a cat. Saw this fat neko on top of a store in Tsukiji Market (the outer area). We watched it for a good five minutes and it just kept walking from one end of the signboard/balcony to the other like it was on, well, patrolman duties.

The two cuties we saw in this small playground at the end of Path of Philosophy.

…from another angle. They didn’t mind being patted (though they smelled a bit funky na, hehe), but they quickly left when an overly-excited kid ran to approach them.

Okay, so these are not real cats, but still cute.

And because I also love dogs. Here’s an adorable Akita we saw on our last day while strolling around Sumida Park. Be mine.


9 thoughts on “Fat cats in Japan

  1. Love nga! 🙂 One can tell which books I love by where I place them. At one point, there were stacks lining the side of my bed, and I didn’t mind not knowing where to put my feet every morning when I up. Two feet away is too far away.

  2. Hehe, the cats in the first photo look like they’re queuing up for something, lol.

    I can’t remember seeing much stray cats when I was in Japan. Maybe I just didn’t venture enough into the streets and alleys.

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